〜 A Fantastic Collaboration of football players from throughout the world and Captain Tsubasa’s players in real world dream matches! 〜

Heroes beyond our expectation bring great excitement to millions of spectators by their super performance.

Those days just kicking the ball and dreaming about being a hero one day.

A superhero TSUBASA was their model, their goal, and all of their aspirations.

TSUBASA, KOJIRO and GENZO from Captain Tsubasa's team are waiting for your challenge in every corner of the world.

With TSUBASA+, you can turn your familiar city into full mood of football and stadiums appear everywhere in your city.

In the stadium in front of your house, you can be friends with all the football heroes from active star players to legendary players, as well as TSUBASA, KOJIRO and GENZO.

You can also build up a team with fellow heroes, strengthen the team, and let your team compete with TSUBASA+ users all around the world.

Stop by a stadium, get the heros as your team member, create the strongest team with them, show your special techniques on the greatest stage, and become the greatest hero in the world!

Be friends with heroes Heroes

  • Tsubasa
    大空 翼
  • Kojiro
    日向 小次郎
  • Genzo
    若林 源三
  • World-class outstanding No. 1 young talent Le Blue Blitz attacker!
  • Japanese new star! Dribble monster astonishes the world!
  • The pride of Egypt ascends to be one of the world’s best


News & Media News & Media

  • November 14, 2019
    Game video unveiled for the first time
    The TSUBASA+ game video was unveiled for the first time at the SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019. We will continue to publish information on this site going forward, so please stay tuned!
  • June 26, 2019
    TSUBASA+ official site, now open
    The production of TSUBASA+ has been announced. This site will be updated with information about TSUBASA+ at any time.
    We will announce related information on this site, so please look forward to the news.
The image in the site will be the screen under development

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